Aircraft and Private Jets Sales and Acquisitions

Sales and acquisition of Aircraft and Private Jets were never this easy, but SWT’s step-by-step technical and professional approach makes it happen.

What we do?

SWT is your trusted Aircraft and jet sales and acquisition partner. We connect you with the authorized sales and acquisition of aviation assets using our unparalleled network of contacts spread across the globe. Our consulting desk has first-hand industry information to pilot in providing you with the best value market and operational advice. Our legal counsel ensures a smooth transaction by monitoring the
pre-purchase process and delivery event.
We deal in the sales and acquisition of

How do we make Aviation Sales and Acquisition possible for you?

Our wide industry experience and expanded network with aircraft manufacturers, carriers, and operators are our keys to competitive advantage. This client base has continued to grow through the past working years, reaching more and more valuable vendors/clients. This makes SWT the first choice as the global Aircraft sales and acquisition partner.

Mentor the Entire Process

SWT has an excellent aircraft sales and acquisition consulting team that can mentor you throughout the process. We analyze the business market, note down your requirements, and exactly connect you with what you need. Leave all the negotiation, technical survey, and pre-purchase hassle on us. Your aircraft delivery is all our responsibility.

Business Intelligence

SWT team provides the interim solution of buying a new aircraft or selling the old one at the most favorable prices. You can leverage our business intelligence to pick the best aviation sources for sales and acquisition. We will manage the entire transaction on your behalf, from pricing & advertising to negotiation of the agreement and finalizing terms and conditions. Just count on SWT.

Simplifying the process

Commodity prices are highly volatile and dependent on internal factors, including the cost of production and logistics, as well as external factors, such as global demand, inflation, and currency exchange rates. Simplifying the process for you by identifying and qualifying potential suppliers to make sure they have possession and title of goods and the capacity to deliver good quality commodities/ products at competitive prices.

Researching International Markets

Our consultants help you develop new suppliers and vendor resources, increasing your supply capacity. Let our consultants help you avoid the time-consuming expense of finding sources and working through international trade resources. Create your competitive advantage by tapping resources unavailable in your local market.