Hard Assets Monetization and Trade

SWT consults investors and businesses in Hard Asset Monetization by unlocking the value of an underutilized asset.

What we do?

We offer a desk that helps you to use the opportunity to place hard assets in the trade as it becomes difficult to find a trusted investor who will accept hard assets. We can land you with the proper support to monetize and place the capital into the trade. Our consulting team helps asset owners enter a Joint Venturship with International Access.

How do we make Hard Assets Monetization and Trade possible for you?

SWT is up to making hard assets monetization and trade processes easy to accomplish in no time. We do business with quality and giant providers nationally or internationally, circulating the hard assets to different locations.

Simplifying the process

We are contacting a Nationwide firm to handle the entire transaction. You don’t need to search for the traders; SWT does the run for you. We handle everything from connecting you to handling the agreements, finalizing the deals, and exporting the material. Our suppliers and dealers can do business long.

Qualified Products

Hard asset monetization requires a large amount of cash and a more significant amount of reliability, SWT takes care of the part. All our suppliers and dealers are quality tested. Whether you come from banks, venture capital firms, or deals in the issuance of corporate bonds or debt, we deal in monetization and exclusive asset management, structuring & arrangement and make the trade much more fluid for you

Simplifying the process

Commodity prices are highly volatile and dependent on internal factors, including the cost of production and logistics, as well as external factors, such as global demand, inflation, and currency exchange rates. Simplifying the process for you by identifying and qualifying potential suppliers to make sure they have possession and title of goods and the capacity to deliver good quality commodities/ products at competitive prices.

Researching International Markets

Our consultants help you develop new suppliers and vendor resources, increasing your supply capacity. Let our consultants help you avoid the time-consuming expense of finding sources and working through international trade resources. Create your competitive advantage by tapping resources unavailable in your local market.