Private Placement Programs (PPP)

SWT is having dedicated PPP desk which covers all the ranges of PPP services to help sophisticated investors maintain effortless income.

What we do

SWT provides qualified assistance and consulting so that you, being the investor remains the owner of the held/blocked funds, and the funds are not moved out of your control.Through our partner’s network, we offer risk-free investment programs through fully managed Private Placement Programs. These programs involve pre-arranged buying and selling prime bank notes between top-rated Investment Banks and other top financial entities.
Proven industry experience in private and public financial transactions makes us a good partner for investors, institutions, and banks. The following processes are involved

How do we make PPP possible for you?

With SWT, you can invest in multiple programs simultaneously and re-invest profits to quickly maintain a portfolio of risk-free investments. After clearing the compliance process, clients will get direct access to the Platform personnel and will have the opportunity to review documentation, ask questions, and develop a long-term relationship.

Risk Avoidance

No doubt, PPP poses risks to investors, as the chances are that the funds get blocked for one year or more. This results when the transactions need to be better planned and organized. We understand the issues and fully comply with the transactions and processes with the law and international money laundering regulations. We comply with tight laws and the right strategies and know when to exit to avoid risk to the platform, traders, banks, and investors.

Trusted Market

With the high risks, there are high chances of profit to collect with PPP, and SWT confirms that you deal with a recognized, trusted market. Starting from the non-disclosure agreements with our market dealers and collaborators, we ensure privacy procedures to follow throughout our business. Our dedicated team will maintain the business protocols and avoid document theft inside or outside the market

Simplifying the process

Commodity prices are highly volatile and dependent on internal factors, including the cost of production and logistics, as well as external factors, such as global demand, inflation, and currency exchange rates. Simplifying the process for you by identifying and qualifying potential suppliers to make sure they have possession and title of goods and the capacity to deliver good quality commodities/ products at competitive prices.

Researching International Markets

Our consultants help you develop new suppliers and vendor resources, increasing your supply capacity. Let our consultants help you avoid the time-consuming expense of finding sources and working through international trade resources. Create your competitive advantage by tapping resources unavailable in your local market.