Products & Operations

SWT's vision is to increase interconnected and durable product solutions and add value to global trade with our various consulting services

What We Offer

Support Worldwide Trade is advancing trade & sales by building firm connections with commodity producers, manufacturers, and end-users. Quality is our destination, consulting is our journey, and fulfillment is our vision.

Trade Commodities

With a comprehensive consultation, our global desk team enables clients to execute and clear trades of different physical commodities. We keep an eye on the macro and micro trends. We connect the best miners, smelters, and refined metal fabricators with the most reliable end consumers.

SBLC BG Bank Instruments

We offer collateral management & consulting services regarding bank guarantees and standby letters of credit among various bank instruments. Our team pilots consumers/traders for loans, credit enhancement, or commodity transactions.

Private Placement Programs (PPP)

Based on the purchase or sale of bank financial instruments, we provide market consulting in the access to trade bank assets, medium-term notes, and more.

Hard Assets Monetization and Trade

SWT guides businesses and individuals throughout the monetization and trade of hard assets. Our association provides investors with credible, proven, “solutions-based” approaches.

Aircraft and Private Jets

Our expert team can find the best price for your private jet Buying and selling. The proficient team is accredited for safety and VIP service-level consultations.

Historical Assets

Do you want to sell or place your historical assets in a trading program? We take care of all the requirements, arrangements, and proceedings to make the monetization and purchase easy and quick.

Our Competitive Advantages